REPs Assignments

 Essays and written work - Please ensure that you reference your work. An attachment can be found at the bottom of the page that will show you what is expected.


Written Accounts - The guideline for written accounts is 500 words but if you need more then the maximum is 1500 words. Bullet points can be used in conjunction with written accounts to enable a concise assignment. Assignments over the max word limit will be returned.

Essays - 1000 word essays - Please ensure that your essays are NO more than 1500 words. Essays will be returned if they are over this length.


Please contact you tutor if you need help or support with this.


 Unit 1.1 - Summarise the philosophy that Qigong is based on.

You have 3 worksheets to complete for this assignment plus a 1000 word essay.

The worksheets will help your understanding of the issues that need to be included in your essay. If you are attending the study day for this unit, you will have completed these on the day. If your study of this Qigong is entirely by distance learning, you will need to complete these and send them to your tutor for feedback. The attachments for these worksheets can be found at the bottom of the page. They are, Yin Yang, Generating (Shen) Cycle, Zang Fu.

 The 1000 word essay: This essay is an overview of all the different elements covered in Unit 1.

You will need to give three examples of opposites of Yin and Yang such as day and night and include the four principles of Yin and Yang.

The meridian system of Traditional Chinese medicine will need to be mentioned, here you will need to highlight the 12 primary channels, the eight extraordinary channels and discuss Qi flow in relation to them.

Remember to mention that blocked Qi results in imbalance in the body, you can give an example of this if you wish. Please try to include at least three of the functions of Qi i.e. Qi transforms, transports, holds, raises and warms and give explanations where you can in relation to Qigong.

The three treasures should be included and relate this to Qigong practice, you will also need to include at least three examples of Human Qi in the body.

Finally you should discuss the Five Elements, here try to include some examples of the Elements and different aspects that belong to them. For example, Spring belongs to the wood element and so does the colour green!

It may be useful to split the essay up into four sections, Yin Yang, Meridians, Qi and Five Elements, however this is up to you.


 Unit 2.1 Perform the 8 Movements.

This will be assessed at the final practical observation.

Unit 2.2 Describe in detail the 8 movements, showing knowledge of suitable modifications

This will be evidenced at the final practical observation

Unit 2.3 Explore the health benefits & internal movement associated with each of the 8 movements.

This assignment requires a 1000 word essay. For this assignment you must include the physical benefits as well as the the traditional Chinese medicine benefits ( which merdians are worked on, will this affect the corresponding TCM organs? ).  

There is no need to spend time explaining exactly where the meridians are - just brief mention (maybe start and end point) would be enough - as the emphasis of this assignment is on the health benefits.

The aim is to explore so please look at providing the reasons for at least a few of the cited physical benefits. Perhaps a movement mentions that it works on the hamstrings - why is this or how does it do this?

Please also include mention of research that has been carried out into some of the health benefits of this style of Qigong.

  • You are not expected to provide a full account of the research.
  • You could make a general statement about all the research (keeping in mind that these are weight bearing exercises). 
  • You may want to look at what was measured or what changes they were looking for, to help you gain a general  understanding. (Reading the conclusion of the research will help with this.)
  • Do the different pieces of research have anything in common as far as physical benefits? 

These are just a few ideas of how to explore the research.


Unit 3.1 Summarise the historical development of Dao yin and Qigong exercises.

This assignment requires a 1000 word essay.

For this essay you should include: the meanings of both Daoyin and Qigong, The importance of breathing, the dynasty that is associated with Baduanjin, the purpose of the 2001 & 2003 regulations, the different types of Qigong and where the 8 Strands fit into this/these categories, the key players that are associated with creation of this style of Qigong.


Unit 4.1 Summarise the health and safety issues associated with teaching and performing the movements.

This will be evidenced at your final practical observation and by a piece of written work. When summarising the H & S issuses, you will need to include some mention of assessment of a new learner's needs (4.2) as this is also connected with teaching the movements. Please ensure that you include information regarding all the 4 main areas ie. Environment - layout, space, ventilation, lighting, flooring, temperature, Resources and Equipment, Advice with suitable progression & Performance issues (remember to include contraindications with movement numbers please).

You can use bullet points for this assignment as it does not request an essay.

Please remember to look at the Risk assessment attachment as this will help you.


Unit 4.2 Explain the issues associated with the assessment of a new learner's needs.

This will be evidenced at your final practical observation.

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