REP's Information Page - This REP's 8 Strands of Brocade course is currently unavailable.

If you have opted to complete the REP's CPD course, without being entered for the APT qualification, you will need to ensure that you only complete the required assignments for your REP's course. If you have opted to gain an APT qualification as well, then please follow the APT guidelines for assignments and paperwork.

The Assessment Plan, which can be found as an attachment at the bottom of the page, outlines the assignments that you are required to complete. Please download this document and save it to your computer as it needs to be sent to your tutors at the same time as sending assignments. You will also find a copy of Assessment Methods & Assignments - this should also be of help to you.

We would suggest that you follow these, to save you doing more than you actually need to!

The study guides are the same for both qualifications though.


You will also find a Declaration document below. Please ensure that you sign this and include it in your portfolio, before your final practical assessment.