Unit 2.3 Essay 

When writing this 1000 word essay please remember to be specific.

The question asks you to "Explore the health benefits of each of the 8 movements"

As a guide: You may want to begin the essay with an overview or general benefits of this style of Qigong. If you do this please keep it brief before you move onto the specific benefits of EACH of the movements.

Once you've done the introduction you should begin to talk about each movement in turn. The TCM benefits should be discussed - remember to include a bit more information about these - which organs relate to the meridian in question so how does it help improve health?

Once you've discussed the TCM angle for the movement you can move onto the physical benefits. If your anatomy knowledge isn't great, you may need to do a search on the internet. You can do this by googling a statement such as " which muscle is used for bending the knees". If you do this it will provide you with enough information to explore the health benefits. Here's a brief example below to get you started. Remember it only relates to part of the movement that is carried out so other muscles in the body will also be invloved.

Movement 1. This movement is a stretching upwards movement. The knees are relaxed/bent, to begin with, and then straightened. This bending of the knees involves the quadriceps and the hamstrings. The physical movement has the effect of helping to strengthen the muscles and hence help to protect the knee.


As you will see from the example above, this statement has made a start to explore the physical health benefit of the first movement. All you need to do is to carry on in this way.

Remember - when you gain information from a book or another site, please make reference to it.

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